Nothing Matters

by Jemmi Hazeman

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Originally released as Shady Groves on the album "Bitzer"

Written & produced by Jemmi Hazeman

All instrumentation by Jemmi Hazeman

Spacey bridge guitar by Adam Fitzgerald

Additional voices by LKY, Dylan Caron & Adam Fitzgerald

Artwork by Connor Irwin


Truth is, I was not doing too well
Don't know who else could tell
How numb and delirious
I’d become

Must be something that I know
that keeps everyone away from me
like a cloud of negative energy
storming all the time

Everywhere I’d go
People just looked or walked away
No one tried to talk to me
But neither would I

Guess I just gotta’ go
And make something happen
Just put myself out there
But it hurts to try

Nothing matters
Nothing matters
Wasting all my energy
thinkin’ bout what-it’s-like to die

Nothing matters
My illusions are shattered
Heaven’s a bedtime-story, fairytale
Nowhere you’ll float or fly

Alone in a room
Looking in a mirror
And who knows who I am
Nothing's all figured out
Everything is in doubt
Staring at a ceiling fan

Lost in a high
While dying and crying
Melting in Nowhereland
Saw puzzling rings of fluorescent light
On a bathroom wall, don’t ask—

Why I wanted no one to know
'Cause who wouldn't find out?
Who'd want me to be like this?
An Apple's my best friend

I wanted no one to know
But who wouldn't find out?
I can't believe I feel like this
An Apple's my best friend

Laser-light show, brain-soup jetpack
Bubbling caldron, fizzling, laughing
X-ray numbskull, glittery trees
What is happening?
What is happening?

Snake in a log pile, violet sky eyes
Pastel pencil forest skyline
Zip-zap, jolts, electricity
This is happening
This is happening

Nothing matters
Nothing matters
Nothing matters


released May 5, 2016



all rights reserved


Jemmi Hazeman Michigan

Jemmi Hazeman is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter & producer from Michigan.

Debut LP "Kozmic Mhaze" to be released in 2017.

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